Corinthians thrashes Bahia at Fazendinha and reaches third consecutive victory at the Under-20 Brazilian Championship

Corinthians won one more in the Brazilian Under-20 Championship this Sunday. In the farm, Timãozinho thrashed Bahia 7-1, in a match valid for the 14th round.

The highlight of the clash with midfielder Matheus Araújo, who scored three goals in the clash, all in the first half. Besides him, Cauê, Giovane, Keven and Ryan were also on the networks.

With the triumph, Corinthians reached the 19 points won in the competition and took 12th place in the table, coming from three consecutive victories

Write it down, Faithful! The Under-20 is back on the field this Thursday, the 9th, for the Campeonato Paulista, when it receives the Portuguesa, at 15:00.


Diogo Siston sent Corinthians to the game with: Alan Gobetti; João Pedro, Lucas Belezi, Robert Renan and Luis Mandaca; Reginaldo, Keven Vinicius, Riquelme and Cauê; Matheus Araújo and Giovane.


My Timon

The game

First time

Corinthians, as usual, started the match with their foot on the accelerator and trying to impose their game rhythm. Matheus Araújo was the main escape valve in the attack, and after eight minutes he found Keven free in the area, who headed into the goalkeeper’s hands. At ten, it was Bahia’s turn to scare in the aerial game. In a crossed and skid ball in Timão’s area, Alan Gobetti was forced to make a great save.

But at 11, Corinthians insistence generated a result and Matheus Araújo opened the scoring, appearing in the back of the defense and completing a cross by Reginaldo to the back of the net. Soon after, at 14, Giovane had the chance to expand, but the Bahia archer defended with his feet.

At 15, the Corinthians defense missed the ball and the Bahia team almost equalized, but the outside kick skimmed the crossbar.

At 19, it was the turn of the top scorer Cauê to leave his. Giovane made a move to the right and played for the middle. The 9 shirt only needed to push into the empty goal to enlarge the score.

The third goal in Alvinegro came a similar move. At 22, Timão arrived playing from the right again, this time with Riquelme, who made a great individual play and crossed to Cauê. The top scorer was on top of the line but ended up touching the ball back, where Matheus Araújo was, who didn’t forgive and scored another one.

Alan Gobetti had to work once more in the 34th minute, slamming Bahia’s attacking header.

At 39, in a rehearsed play from set pieces, Corinthians scored their fourth goal. Matheus Araújo received a pass from Keven on the edge of the area and hit low. The ball crossed the defense and entered the corner of the goal. There was not even time to celebrate and Giovane scored the fifth goal, in a counterattack generated by the wrong departure of Bahia.

Second time

The pace of the match slowed down after the break. The intense heat on Sunday afternoon in São Paulo was an influencing factor in the athletes’ performance.

With the advantage more than comfortable, Corinthians did not have the same impetus to go up to the attack and ended up suffering from more offensive actions by Bahia, which even so could not produce with quality

On minute 13, Keven received a pass from Mandaca in the middle and took a risk. The ball touched the crossbar and entered, and Timon reached his sixth goal

The dynamics of the match remained the same for the next few minutes. Corinthians was in no hurry to play and managed the advantage and Bahia did not offer great dangers, in addition to not wanting to expose themselves and concede more goals.

At 40, midfielder Ryan, who entered the second half, intercepted a pass from the Bahia defender, made an individual play, entered the area and touched the corner, scoring the seventh goal in Alvinegro.

In the last move of the match, Bahia reduced the score, scoring after a rebound from a foul defended by goalkeeper Alan. Final game at Fazendinha, 7-1 for Corinthians.

Corinthians 7 x 1 Bahia technical sheet

Competition: Brazilian Under-20 Championship
Local: Alfredo Schrig Stadium, So Paulo, SP
Date: September 5, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Fabiano Monteiro dos Santos
Goals: Keven Vinicius, Cau, Matheus Arajo (three times), Giovane, Ryan (Corinthians); Matheus Lins (Bahia)
Yellow cards: Cauan da Mata (Corinthians); Gregory (Bahia)

CORINTHIANS: Alan Gobetti; Joo Pedro (Cauan da Mata), Lucas Belezi, Robert Renan and Luis Mandaca; Reginaldo (Leonardo Santos), Keven Vinicius (Ryan), Riquelme and Cau (Arthur Sousa); Matheus Arajo (Gustavo) and Giovane (Anderson Chaves).
Technician: Diogo Siston

BAHIA: Brenno Faro; Andr (Luan Freitas), Guilherme, Matheus Lins and Kauan (Pedro Borges); Rafael (Thayllon), Hiago (Alan Diniz) and Joo Vitor (Gabriel Domingo); Verton, Gregory (Choco) and Ryan.
Technician: Eduardo Guadagnucci

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