Court building burns down in Fortaleza – Metro

The headquarters of the Court of Justice of Ceará (TJCE), at the Administrative Center of Cambeba, in Fortaleza, dawned this Monday (6) under flames. One fire hit the agency’s building, according to information confirmed by the Military Police. Nobody was hurt.

Images sent to Northeast Diary show an intense dark smoke that formed around the building.

The press office of the TJCE reported that the fire started at 4 am in the warehouse sector. Only outsourced security guards were on site at the start of the incident.

Fire Brigade teams were at the scene. About 60 men put out the flames around 8 am with the support of two rescue vehicles and a mechanical ladder.

“It created greater proportions because it is an environment that has combustible material, paper, wood, furniture, which facilitates the spread of the fire and it soon took on large proportions,” said Fire Brigade colonel Ronaldo Araújo.

Flames hit two floors of the building

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Still according to the colonel, the fire reached two floors of the building, but the rescue “managed to control the fire in the left wing, preventing it from spreading in that area”.

“The flames hit two floors of the building, but from the reception wing to the right wing, we were able to confine the fire to one region. Thank goodness no injuries are reported. At the moment, the flames are under control.” , reinforced.

The Forensic Expert will point out the causes of the fire after producing a technical report.

Intense smoke engulfed the surroundings of the TJCE headquarters

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