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Cristina (Leandra Leal) will make Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) snort of hatred by threatening the bad character’s plans in Império. The blonde will confront José Alfredo’s (Alexandre Nero) enemy about the origin of his money, since he was a biologist, backpacker, who used to ride a bus, and now has an inexhaustible source of money to pay the debts of the Medeiros family jewelry store .

The truth triggered by the young woman will leave the villain unanswered in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera. The scenes are scheduled to air on this Wednesday (8).

The Commander will discover that he is in misery having gold bars and money stolen from a bank in Switzerland, while Maria Marta’s fiance (Lilia Cabral) will be wasting wealth. He will again lend money to Madame to pay bail for José Pedro (Caio Blat).

Then, the faker will arrive at the company with a suitcase full of bills for the payment of the 13th employee of Império das Joias. “Since you decided to manage the business and do my job here at Império, could you tell me the origin of so much money?”, will question Cristina.

“What’s it like? Are you putting me against the wall?”, Maurilio will rebel. “If asking you where you get so much money from is putting pressure on you, it’s because you’re hiding something,” retorts Cora’s (Marjorie Estiano) niece.

The evil one will then appeal to Maria Marta and question if she will let the “little bastard” talk that way to her future husband. The fine grain will surprise you:

You know I’m going, because I’m also curious, not to mention suspicious of where you get so much money out of your hat. Because when I met you, you were a biologist, a backpacker, you rode the bus, and now you are a millionaire. Tell me, what has changed in your life, so suddenly, to squander so much money?

The villain will play along, but will lie that his family left him a multi-million dollar inheritance. “I don’t want anyone interfering in my life, people like this kid”, will point the jerk to Cristina.

Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) in Empire

Chapter summary

Monday, 6/9 (Chapter 127)
Danielle talks to Maurílio. Xênia invites Manoel to samba with her. Pietro takes advantage of Manoel’s absence and adds a purgative to the feijoada. José Pedro talks with Kleber. The police arrive at Vicente’s restaurant. José Pedro and Kleber are arrested. Vicente tells Maria Clara that José Pedro was taken by the police. Danielle thrills with Maurílio the arrest of José Pedro.

Cristina talks with José Alfredo. Maria Marta suspects that Maurílio denounced José Pedro. Magnolia and Severo go to Império jewelry. Enrico begins to put in place yet another plan to sabotage Vicente’s restaurant. Jonas makes a date with Erika. Cristina talks with Merival about José Pedro’s situation.

Téo Pereira goes to the Comendador’s apartment to talk to Maria Marta. Elivaldo faints when he sees José Alfredo. Cora teases Jurema. José Alfredo talks to Elivaldo about his fake death. Merival asks for a high price to release José Pedro and Maurílio says he can pay on condition that Maria Marta marry him.

Tuesday, 7/9 (Chapter 128)
Maria Marta is surprised by Maurílio’s proposal to get José Pedro out of jail. Elivaldo tells Cristina that he found José Alfredo. Pietro is wary of Juliane’s distrust. Felipe threatens to denounce Enrico. Maurilio states that Danielle will return to the mansion. Xana and Naná speculate about who threw purgatives in the feijoada. Magnolia suffers from the failure of her party.

Felipe makes a date with Claudio. José Alfredo thinks about helping José Pedro. Tuane tries to find out the reason for Elivaldo’s change in behavior. Cristina believes that Cora met José Pedro.

Maurílio sends Téo to publish a news about his marriage to Maria Marta. Helena discovers that Salvador’s paintings are up for auction. Felipe tells Claudio everything he did on Enrico’s orders. José Alfredo discovers that the money he had in a Swiss bank has disappeared.

Wednesday, 8/9 (Chapter 129)
José Alfredo suspects that Maurílio has stolen his money. Claudio reveals that he used Felipe to discover Enrico’s crimes. Cristina is surprised when José Alfredo informs her that she is going to Switzerland. Maria Marta notices Maurílio’s tension when asking for documentation for the wedding. Maurílio catches the employees of the Império jewelry store complaining about the company.

José Alfredo tells Maria Isis that he lost his fortune. Danielle visits José Pedro. Orville agrees with Jonas the details for the auction in Salvador. Tuane hears Elivaldo talking to Marcao about a distant relative. The director of the shelter directs Naná to forget about Luciano. Cora and Carmem are going to get José Pedro out of jail.

Felipe threatens Claudio to defend Enrico and the two end up in jail. Maurílio hands Maria Marta money to pay the employees and get José Pedro out of jail. Zezé comments to Du that he met the doctor who delivered her. Magnolia argues with Teo. Cristina questions Maurílio about the origin of his money.

Thursday, 9/9 (Chapter 130)
Maria Marta and Cristina put pressure on Maurílio. José Pedro dispenses with Cora’s help. Danielle talks about Amanda to Cora. Felipe threatens Claudio and Beatriz worries about her husband. Maria Marta accepts Maurílio’s money and Cristina gets annoyed. Ismael complains about Maurílio to Maria Clara. Merival goes to the police station to help Claudio. Maria Clara hears Maurilio threaten Cristina.

Enrico tells Téo that Claudio has been arrested. José Alfredo sends Josué to investigate Maurílio’s life. Cristina tells Elivaldo that she’s going away. Maurílio pays Marcão to give him information about Cristina.

Magnolia defends Claudio from Felipe’s accusations. Marta hands Maurilio’s money to Merival. José Pedro fears for his integrity in jail. Cora thinks about how to get Amanda out of her way. Maurílio makes a mysterious phone call and talks about Cristina’s future.

Friday, 9/10 (Chapter 131)
Maurílio complains about Cristina’s suspicions. Antoninho suggests that José Alfredo take a trip. The Commander tells Josué that he’s going with him to São João Del Rey. Cristina tells Jurema that she’s going to Monte Roraima. Jurema searches Cora’s room for clues about Jairo. Cora visits Amanda.

José Pedro discusses with other prisoners. José Pedro is released. Téo celebrates the success of his blog. Luigi fights with Felipe at the restaurant. Claudio shows Felipe’s confession to Beatriz and Bianca. Cora tells Amanda that she has an affair with José Pedro. Silviano throws Cora out of the penthouse. Maria Marta pins Maurílio.

Xana and Naná talk about Luciano. Salvador asks Orville to know the deposit of the paintings. Helena is suspicious of the auction of works in Salvador. Marisa tells Joshua that she’ll miss him when he travels. José Alfredo finishes packing his bags. Cristina says goodbye to the family before the trip. Cora catches José Alfredo leaving Manoel’s bar.

Saturday, 9/11 (Chapter 132)
Cora demands that Manoel tell where José Alfredo went. Claudio goes to Enrico’s hotel. Claraíde and Maria Marta talk about José Alfredo. Marcão tells Maurílio that Cristina traveled. José Alfredo calls Maria Isis. João Lucas calls Maria Isis, but gives up before she answers.

Maurílio discovers that Cristina is going to Geneva. João Lucas talks to Maria Marta about his paternity. Maria Isis returns the call from João Lucas and Du answers. José Alfredo arrives in São João Del Rey.

Maria Clara and João Lucas question José Pedro. Amanda has a business idea for Leonardo. Josué hands José Alfredo a copy of Maurílio’s marriage certificate. Cora goes to the Império jewelry store and tells everyone that she has seen José Alfredo. José Alfredo talks with Jesuína.

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