Debut of ‘Domingão com Huck’ anticipates the melancholy of the end of Sunday

Sunday ends tend to be melancholy since we’ve known each other. When Fantástico approaches its end, there is no living being in Brazil that is not affected by an inexplicable sadness. As there’s nothing bad that can’t get worse, the debut of “Domingão com Huck” came to anticipate the taciturn atmosphere that precedes Monday.

I have no doubts that this was not Luciano Huck’s intention when he arrived on Globo on Sundays, but rather the choice to start the new program with the classic “Quem Quer Ser Um Millionaire?” not excited and frustrated the viewer’s emotions right away.

The candidate for the R$1 million prize had an exemplary history but zero charisma. Keeping up with the questions became an ordeal as he lectured each question. But not everything is his fault, as the picture is identical to what we saw for years on Saturdays.

The “Show dos Famosos” promised to be the great moment of “Domingão”. With a strong jury and outstanding participants, it couldn’t go wrong. But it did, and a lot. Huck was more relaxed live, but technical errors hampered him several times.

The great performances by Margareth Menezes, Glória Groove and Fiuk alleviated the feeling of defeat, but it was sad to watch someone have their plans thwarted live on their long-awaited debut.

When “Domingão” came to an end, not even Alcione raised the spirits. The “Fantastic” was about to start and there was no way out. We were sad even before seeing the news of the week.

What a phase.