Deolane Bezerra detonates model accusing him of promoting himself with the death of MC Kevin | celebrities

Deolane Bezerra and MC Kevin

Deolane Bezerra and MC Kevin

Deolane Bezerra, 33, started Sunday (5th) among the most talked about topics on Twitter. This is because the lawyer – who has already spent R$ 45,000 in a store – was accused by Juju Ferrari, better known as Botafogo’s official muse, of promoting herself after the death of MC Kevin, her ex-fiancé.

On Instagram, through a question box, Juju was asked if “there is something against Deolane?”. In response, the model denied it. “I have nothing against her, I just think it’s awful for you to promote yourself on someone’s death [MC Kevin], except that she is very rude, she has all that, but I say it because it is my opinion”.

Juju’s videos soon began to reverberate on social media. With that, Deolane decided to answer the accusation. “It’s like Brazil, the people like to talk about myself, to increase engagement. Are you weak? Being a human being here is engaged in building a work for the Lord, but when the dog doesn’t come, he sends the secretary. Or the secretary, right?”.

“Dear Juju Ferrari, that Ferrari only has the alias, right? That I’ve never seen in my life, but anyway. Who are you? Worthy of pity, I know you for stealing other people’s husbands, for disgusting photos showing the body and even so the likes are low. Engagement then, Jesus… The woman will pray to God go, go to see if he frees you from this spirit of prostitution. It’s ugly, it’s disgusting. You’re disgusting! You have nothing against Now I have it against you. Respect my story that you know very well,” continued the lawyer.

Fans of Juju Ferrari and Deolane Bezerra, of course, did not stop commenting on the fight between the two, making the matter among the most commented on the networks, especially on Twitter. Check out some reactions collected on the platform.