Diego Souza has his bags ready to leave Grêmio

Diego Souza has a contract until December with Grêmio and will not stay at the club for 2022. The player who was Brazil’s top scorer in 2020 and started 2021 in style is willing to hang up his boots. He wants to watch the next World Cup lying on the couch at home.

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The athlete has already warned the Grêmio management that he has decided he will not continue at the club next season. There is a small possibility of continuing to play, probably at Vasco or Sport Recife, but there is a small chance of that happening, the trend is towards retirement.

Diego Souza earns around R$500,000 a month at Grêmio. The management came to look for him to expand the relationship, already during Gauchão 2021. There was a whole lobby for him to say YES and continue in Porto Alegre for another year. After all, he was Charmoso’s top scorer.

Diego Souza leaves in December

Grêmio’s management will have to hire a new striker, certainly. Ricardinho was loaned to Marítimo, from Portugal and if it goes well, he will be bought. Then only Miguel Borja and Diego Churín will remain, who is facing physical problems.

Diego Souza will continue helping the club until the end of 2021 with his leadership and quality on the field. He is Borja’s first reserve, who arrived and became the owner of the position.

Hired in 2020 as one of the many bets made by Renato Portaluppi, great results came in right away. However, after the Gauchão 2021 performance dropped, he was away many games for different reasons and stopped helping as before.

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Image: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio FBPA