Dysautonomy: singer suffers from a problem that affects patients after covid-19

Yuri during show

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Mexican singer Yuri revealed this week that, after coviding for about a year, she is still suffering from the consequences of the disease.

Mexican singer Yuri revealed that, about a year after covid-19, she still suffers consequences caused by the disease.

She said she was diagnosed with dysautonomia – a normally rare condition that causes an uncomfortable and rapid increase in heart rate when a person tries to engage in any form of activity.

“Some sequelae in the nervous system (…) came back three weeks ago, I was very sick. Thank God I managed to detect it in time, I went to a neurologist, two neurologists, who detected that I have dysautonomia, which is not fatal, but it is very difficult,” he told the program today of the Mexican network Televisa.

But what exactly is this condition that affects the singer’s health and that has been detected in many other people who suffer from the so-called long covid?