Elderly, adults or young people? See the age groups of those who are still dying for Covid-19 in Ceará – Metro

58% of the total population vaccinated with at least one dose against Covid-19 throughout the State of Ceará. Constant distribution of vaccines to all cities. Capital with about 70% of people with D1 up to date. Elderly people, people with comorbidities and workers from different areas already immunized.

Vaccination coverage, even below the 90% indicated by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), has advanced. However, one situation is still worrying: practically every day people die victims of the disease. But which age groups still have deaths?

One finding is that, after the peak in April, Ceará is experiencing a significant drop in deaths. In July, the month that marked the six months of vaccination in the state, there were 459 deaths, 64% less than June, which had 1,280.

August followed an even greater downward trend (74%) when compared to July. There were 119 deaths, an average of almost four a day. The data were taken from the IntegraSUS platform, from the Department of Health of Ceará (Sesa), this Friday (3).

The government has not yet made available data detailing whether or not these people were vaccinated against Covid-19. Therefore, age is one of the only indicators that can be measured on transparency platforms to assess the current epidemiological scenario.

The first death from the Delta variant confirmed in Ceará, for example, was a 45-year-old man who was not vaccinated. Resident of Fortaleza, he had obesity and died on August 29, after spending more than 20 days in a private hospital.

age differences

In the last two months, the elderly over 60 years old continue to be the group that dies the most from the disease, accounting for 55% of the total. But not in the same way: the older the age group, the greater the severity.

Among those over 80, the percentage reaches 24%. That is, for every four deaths, about one was at this age. Next come adults aged 55 to 59, with 12% of the total.

One of the victims of this group, in early July, was the state school teacher Maria do Espírito Santo Barbosa Campelo, 56, in Morada Nova. Even though she was vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine about a month ago, she contracted Covid-19 and had complications.

“She will always be remembered as a special person for everyone. An exemplary teacher, sensitive to listening to those who were looking for her. Her sudden departure left a huge emptiness in my heart”, comments her nephew, Jarson Barbosa.

The young adult population aged 20 to 39 years, considered healthier, accounts for almost 10% of deaths. Although the percentage is low, they were 57 deaths in the last two months.

Children and adolescents aged 0 to 19 years remain as the group with the fewest deaths (1.56%), but still registered nine deaths. Six of them occurred in children up to four years old.

Delta Alert

Keny Colares, an infectious disease specialist from the Ceará Health Department (Sesa), explains that researchers in the area are alert to the Delta variant, which already has nearly 100 cases identified across the state.

It has twice the transmission capacity of the original virus. If, in the beginning, each infected person transmitted to two or three individuals, apparently this one infects five or six. It can cause infection with 1,000 times the amount of virus and transmit very well to people who have already been vaccinated.

The doctor says that, in some studies, Delta appears to have the ability to circumvent the protection of vaccines and antibodies, but this “has not been well established yet”.

“Vaccines protect against variants, some more and some less. There is not yet one in which vaccines have zero protection, but protective measures with masks, distance and ventilation must still be used”, recalls Colares.

youth immunization

Vaccination follows the expansion to teenagers from 12 to 17 years old since the end of July. Until the last Thursday (2), according to the state vacinometer, 71 of the 184 municipalities in Ceará have already started the immunization of this public.

In all, more than 61 thousand young people have already received the first dose. Overall, 5.38 million people have taken D1 so far, and 2.52 million are on the full vaccination schedule.

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