ES received batch of vaccine against Covid-19 suspended by Anvisa | Holy Spirit

The information was confirmed this Saturday night (4) by the State Health Department (Sesa).

Eight cities received suspended batch doses

In a statement, Sesa reported that of the total doses received, 390 were distributed to eight municipalities in Espírito Santo.

Sesa did not inform which cities are but guaranteed that the municipalities are already informed and that it awaits further guidance from the Ministry of Health.

“The other doses are in the State Cold Chain and were not sent due to the validity being higher than the batches previously received”, says an excerpt of the note.

Dose of the CoronaVac vaccine received in Espírito Santo — Photo: Divulgação/State of Espírito Santo

Sesa says that doses purchased by the state will be guaranteed

The note also says that there is no risk related to 500 thousand doses of CoronaVac vaccine purchased by the state and that all will be received with the guarantee of release from Anvisa.

“Sesa believes that the situation will be resolved soon, as the Butantan Institute itself released a statement clarifying the situation and attesting to the strict quality control in the production process of the vaccine considered the safest immunizing agent available to the National Immunization Program (PNI) due to its inactivated virus platform. Butantan is an internationally recognized institution that has been operating for 120 years in the production of inputs for health,” the note concludes.

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