Even with a spike of 164% in 1 year, Positivo’s shares are still discounted – Money Times

Analysts at Ágora and Bradesco BBI are optimistic about the company (Image: Positivo/Youtube)

Even after rising 164% in about 1 year, the action gives Positive (POSI3) is still discounted at 30%, analysts said. Bradesco BBI and Now Investments in reports sent to customers and obtained by Money Times this Sunday (5th).

The Bradesco BBI specialist commented that the paper is priced below fair in the EV/EBITDA metric. Another point is the strong demand for PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones is expected to continue in the coming years, due to the structural changes caused by the pandemic of hybrid working models, with half in home office and another part in the offices.

“The company expects a demand of up to 10 million computers in the coming years (vs. 6.3 million in 2020), which should continue to support not only large volumes, but also favorable price trends,” said Otavio Tanganell when signing the Bradesco BBI report.

Not everything is flowers

Ágora Investimentos agreed with Bradesco BBI on all positive aspects, but highlighted that the company may face some risks, such as the normalization of demand faster than expected, making growth slower.

In addition, greater competition in the sector could impact product prices and company margins, which would not be good for it either.

Even so, the brokerage firm agreed with Bradesco BBI and both recommended a purchase with a target price of R$18 per share for the end of 2022, up 42% compared to the close of last Friday (3rd).

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