‘Every day a different liar’

After having your name linked to the Salernitan, from Italy, this Monday by local media vehicles, the defender David Luiz used your Instagram to position yourself.

The defender, who has been without a club since the end of his contract with the Arsenal, called the published news “fake news” and denied any agreement with the team from Grade A.

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“Every day one fake news different… Each day a different liar…”, he posted.

“So it’s up to us to choose what we want to believe,” he added.

David Luiz has been monitored by the Flamengo, but still awaits offers from European football.

As he is without a contract, he can be signed by any club even outside the transfer window.

It is worth noting that Salernitana announced this Monday the hiring of veteran French midfielder Ribéry, who played last season for the Fiorentina.

Salerno’s team has yet to score points in the Italian Championship and is in the relegation zone.