Exclusive: Most of the money invested by victims of the cryptocurrency scheme went to Glaidson dos Santos’ personal accounts | Fantastic

A new investigation into the cryptocurrency scheme in Rio shows that most of the money invested by the victims went to the personal accounts of Glaidson Acácio do Santos and the other heads of the criminal organization. According to police, they set up a financial pyramid and laundered money.

According to the investigation, Glaidson’s company, GAS Consultoria e Tecnologia, “recruits massive amounts of money from clients who are misled because they believe they are trading bitcoin but are actually remunerated with cash payments from new contracts, creating an unsustainable pyramid”, which will cause “a flood of embezzlement records throughout Brazil.”

According to the police, “the vast majority of the victims’ capital is not invested in cryptocurrencies by GAS Consultoria e Tecnologia. Most of the clients’ money leaves GAS’ bank account and goes directly to Glaidson, Mirelis’ bank account , Tunay, Vicente, among other members of the criminal organization”.

Mirelis is the Venezuelan Mirelis Zerpa, wife and partner of Glaidson. She is a fugitive in the United States and is identified as “the person responsible for the financial part of the company”.

Tunay Pereira Lima, one of the leaders of the gang, “is one of the main recipients of the money raised from clients”. He was responsible for managing the so-called sales promoters, who capture and relate to customers.”

Vicente Gadelha Rocha Neto, on the other hand, was a partner in a company that received nearly R$ 28 million from GAS and he has more than R$ 20 million in cryptocurrencies discovered by the investigation.

Last Sunday, the Fantastic showed that, in addition to the Civil Police, the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry are also investigating the scheme. And that GAS Consultoria e Tecnologia clients protested in Rio and Cabo Frio, after Glaidson was arrested. Cabo Frio is the resort in the state of Rio where the company’s headquarters are located. When they protested, they didn’t know that, according to investigations, most of their money had gone into gang accounts, individuals’ accounts.

Tunay and Glaidson were arrested last week by the Federal Police. Besides them, Mirelis and Vicente were indicted for crimes against the popular economy, the so-called pyramid, and money laundering. Vicente is also a fugitive.

In a note, the company GAS says that “the deposits of values ​​from third parties eventually made to Glaidson’s personal account were made when he was self-employed”. When he opened the company, the note says, Glaidson no longer used individual accounts. The company denies having practiced financial pyramid and laundering money.

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