Fátima Bernardes surprises when she makes a statement about her boyfriend

Fatima Bernardes
Fátima Bernardes and Túlio Gadêlha celebrate a special day (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

The couple Fatima Bernardes and Tullius Gadelha completed another month together and used social media to celebrate the date. On her Instagram profile, the presenter shared a photo in which she appears hugging the deputy.

In the caption, she wrote: “3 years and ten months together. I miss this leisure for two“. Túlio tried to comment on the post. “Really miss you, love! from you and idleness“, he fired.

Other famous people made a point of leaving messages in the publication. “Come out, dear ones!“, asked Regina Case. “Delishaaaa!!! Beautiful”, posted Deborah Evelyn. Sandy used some heart emoji in the comments.

Already in his profile, Túlio posted two images with Fatima, lying down. “3 years and 10 months. May we never lack hope in our eyes and in our smiles, the will to live. I love you @fatimabernardes“, subtitled.

The two even recently enjoyed a weekend in Pernambuco. On social networks, the deputy even showed that the global made a point of honoring the birthday of his mother-in-law, Nádia Gadêlha.

Starting the week with this wonderful record from yesterday of my mom’s birthday. Me and Fátima, with my parents, Ricardo and Nádia, my brothers, Daniel, Ricardo and Hélder, and their respective wives/partners, Isabela, Ada and Marcela. Oh, and Sandy, in the left corner, crowding unmasked. I think the last time we got the whole family together was in November 2017, can you believe it?“he wrote.

Fátima also posted images of the reunion on her Instagram profile. In the publication’s caption, the famous one wrote:

“Since the beginning of this pandemic, this scene has not happened: the four children, with the daughters-in-law, together. But today is @nadiacristinagsm’s birthday and we managed to have lunch together. It tasted like a party. May this strong woman’s new cycle be one of more possible encounters. #every minute matters”.

Túlio also shared another moment with his global girlfriend. The two emerged in a park after physical exercise. “That Sunday run where you feel your leg until Wednesday. We run well, she doesn’t sweat“he joked.

In the comments, Fatima replied: “Now just go through the week with our activities. The kick has been taken. Here we go?“.

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