Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet are available to help Botafogo in hiring Rafael

Anxiety begins to take over the fans of the Botafogo with regard to negotiations with Rafael. While the right-back awaits the club’s return for a salary counterproposal made – Alvinegro sent the first proposal last Friday – fans on social networks are starting to offer help.

the digital influencer Felipe Neto and the comedian Marcelo Adnet they made themselves available, answering internet users on social networks, to help Botafogo raise the money to pay for Rafael’s gloves – at the moment, one of the biggest obstacles for the negotiation to materialize.

The two, assumed fans of Botafogo, received messages from Botafogo users on the Twitter asking to help the club with this financial issue and they responded.

– Man, I’m trying – wrote Felipe Neto.

– Come on (Rafael), help Botafogo. There isn’t any (pay the full value of the full-back’s gloves), but I find a way and we raise it. If you can’t count on us – said Marcelo Adnet, who also agreed with the idea of ​​creating a Pix for the participation of the fans.

It is noteworthy that Felipe Neto financially helped Botafogo to hire keisuke honda, last year, and Rodrigo Aguirre, in 2018. Marcelo Adnet, in turn, was involved in negotiations with Yaya Touré, also in 2020, but the conversations were not successful.

It is worth remembering that Botafogo, up to now, treats the negotiation with responsibility and studies all the moves made to try to make Rafael’s arrival viable. Everyone believes that the right-back would add inside and outside the club, but they don’t want to create a possible debt “out of the plans” for the future by paying an amount they cannot.