Fernando Pavão joins the cast of Genesis, on Record TV

The final phase of Genesis, on Record TV, has started and, now, the public is meeting a new cast. Who enters this part of the biblical novel, the actor Fernando Pavão, who plays the pharaoh Sheshi, powerful, however, very fragile.

In “José do Egypt”, the name of the new phase of the serial, the character of Fernando is not a real Egyptian, therefore, he will suffer a lot and will be seen as an intruder. In the plot, the pharaoh will fall in love with Asenate (Letícia Almeida), but she will end up falling in love with José (Juliano Laham).

The new phase of Genesis promises great scenes between the characters of Laham and Peacock. In one of them, for example, José, protagonist of the plot, predicts, through a dream, that he will be at a harvest om Rubén (Felipe Cunha), Simeão (Igor Cotrim), Levi (Gustavo Rodrigues), Judá (Thiago Rodrigues) , and the rest, and suddenly a bundle will rise, while all the others will kneel before yours. Without knowing how to keep the secret, he will tell everything and will end up generating even more anger at home.

The Pharaoh of Egypt will also have dreams and one of these inmates, who will return to serve him, will tell about Joseph’s gift of interpretation, and this will open the way for him to become the Governor of the region.


This entire trajectory will be told over the next few months and, only in the final stretch, Joseph’s initial dream will be fulfilled, when his brothers go to Egypt in search of supplies and come across him.

It is worth remembering that this is not Fernando Pavão’s first role on Record TV. He is known for having participated in famous soap operas, such as “Os Mutantes” and “Os Dez Mandamentos”, where he played Samsão, in 2011.