FIFA regulations leave doubts about the consequences of suspension of the match Brazil vs Argentina – Sports

The suspension of the game between Brazil and Argentina by the World Cup Qualifiers it can still have several consequences. However, the regulation of FIFA it is vague and reaffirms that it will be up to the entity to decide what to do, allowing for varied interpretations about the next steps that will define the resumption of the game or punishments to the selections involved.

In the general regulation, which gives an account of the organization of the Preliminaries and the world Cup, item 5 of the “General provisions” chapter foresees situations of abandonment of the competition by selections, in addition to unplayed or abandoned matches. In this case, the game of Brazilian Team falls under the abandoned matches item.

On the subject, the regulation states that there may be punishments to associations for Disciplinary Committee of the highest football entity. There is a however, in which the possibility of recognizing a “force majeure reason” is specified. In this scenario, FIFA is also responsible for understanding what is a force majeure motive and determining that the match be played again, for example.

If FIFA moves in this direction, it is the entity’s responsibility to solve the problem, “deciding in its sole discretion and taking the necessary measures”. If restarted, the game must resume its entire situation from the moment of interruption, including athletes on the field and on the bench, minutes played and punishments that may have already been received. Thus, it is understood that players unable to act could be replaced, but without replacement on the bench.

Then, the text explains that the association that withdraws from the field or that is considered responsible for the abandonment of the fight may receive a financial penalty. This includes reimbursements, payment of expenses or indemnities, in addition to losing the right to receive amounts from FIFA or claim them. Finally, it is stated in the regulation that any matters not provided for in the text will be analyzed by FIFA.