Fire reaches the seat of the Court of Justice in Fortaleza; Look

A fire reached the headquarters of the TJ-CE (Court of Justice of Ceará), in Fortaleza, early this morning. The fire started in the storeroom around 4am. The cause is still being investigated. There were no injuries.

The building was empty by the time the fire started. The Fire Department teams are still working on the site, but the flames have already been controlled.

“The important thing is that no one was hurt. Only the security personnel were at the time and they all left. There was also no procedural damage, as all the processes are now digitized. We will wait for the experts to carry out the assessment”, said Governor Camilo Santana (PT).

The resumption of work on the building, according to him, “will depend on the assessment of the firefighters”. Santana made other state government buildings available for the agency to use if necessary.

As for the service to the public, the governor informed that the TJ must inform any changes, but that much of the work was being done digitally.

Fire started in TJ's warehouse around 4am.  There were no injuries - Disclosure/Court of Justice of Ceará - Disclosure/Court of Justice of Ceará

Fire started in TJ’s warehouse around 4am. There were no injuries

Image: Disclosure/Court of Justice of Ceará

Teams from the Military Police of Ceará and the Integrated Air Operations Coordination (Ciopaer) were also triggered to the location.

The Court of Justice of Ceará is located on Avenida General Afonso Albuquerque Limano, in the administrative center of Cambeba. The area is home to several state secretariats and public agencies.

Some images shared on social networks show the dimension of the fire: