Fiuk and Thaisa Carvalho travel together to a luxury cabin in São Paulo

Fiuk, singer, actor and ex-participant of “BBB 21”, is enjoying the weekend on the eve of the holiday in a luxury cabin in Brotas, interior of São Paulo, in the company of Thaisa Carvalho, actress from Rio de Janeiro named as the affair of son of Fábio Júnior.

The two showed some details of the location in the Instagram story, but didn’t pose together, keeping their discretion. The singer was filmed playing the guitar and dancing to his song “Amor da Minha Vida”, a song released during his participation in “BBB 21”.

In Thaisa’s stories, you can hear the chords played by Fiuk on the guitar while she takes a brief tour of the accommodation. “Gratitude for days of rest and peace,” wrote the actress.

The affair between the two began to be speculated after the actor cried after sleeping with Thais Braz in “BBB 21”. Thaisa manifested confirming the romance, but explaining that it was all over before the start of the reality show.

“I’ve been a Fiuk fan since 2009. I’ve followed and admired his work since I was a child. After 10 years, last year, we started writing a story together. Regardless of anything, we lived incredible moments together, very incredible and never before I’ll forget,” the actress said at the time, adding that the two chose not to expose the relationship.

“It was the beginning of a story and we were waiting for the right time for it to happen. Not to expose was our option, together, never only his”, she concluded.

Fiuk enjoys a luxury cabin in the interior of São Paulo with Thaisa Carvalho - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Fiuk enjoys a luxury cabin in the interior of São Paulo alongside Thaisa Carvalho

Image: Reproduction/Instagram