Fiuk becomes meme after imitating Amy Winehouse on ‘Show of the Famous’

Singer and actor Fiuk made a big splash on social media this Sunday, 5th, after imitating Amy Winehouse on the “Show of the Famous”. In the already traditional painting of “Domingão”, for the first time commanded by Luciano Huck, the presentation and characterization of the ex-BBB were mocked by internet users.

fiuk imitates amy winehouse

Credit: Reproduction/TV GloboFiuk’s homage to Amy Winehouse in “Domingão com Huck” is mocked on the web

On Twitter, the name of Fábio Jr.’s son was featured in trending topics as one of the most talked about topics of the day on the social network.

“Fiuk trying to play Amy at the show of the celebrities got rotten, wherever she is, that she doesn’t see this performance. Note 0″, wrote an Internet user. “The only thing Fiuk has looked like Amy is cigarettes,” wrote another.

fiuk amy winehouse

Credit: Reproduction/TV GloboFiuk becomes a meme on social media after imitating Amy Winehouse on “Show of the Famous”

Globo posted an excerpt of the presentation on its official Twitter account. “It can’t be Fiuk. It’s Amy”, wrote the station on the social network. In response, netizens disagreed. “It really can’t be! It’s to apologize to her father… for bad things need to improve a lot”, said a follower.


Fiuk became meme

Right after the performance, the characterization memes began – and had no end. One funnier than the other. Check out: