Flávia Alessandra reveals difficulty in sensual scenes with Antonio Fagundes in a soap opera

Flávia Alessandra (Photo: Reproduction)Flávia Alessandra (Photo: Reproduction)

Flávia Alessandra answered questions from followers on Instagram about Alzira, her character in “Duas caras”, a soap opera that has just arrived on Globoplay. She revealed that she had difficulty recording hot scenes with Antonio Fagundes, who played Juvenal Antena in Aguinaldo Silva’s 2007 plot:

– Alzirão later got involved with Fafá. Fagundes is a reference in our dramaturgy. Hey guys, I had a sensual scene. I confess that it was a very big challenge for me to have a sensual scene with Fagundes. In one of the sequences, in which she dances, in a thing private, just for him, I slipped. I held back. And he looked at me as if to say, “Go, trust.” It worked out. We didn’t stop. The scene aired. There’s a part where I’m slipping that only I know.

She says that to this day she suffers from an injury she had at the time due to the pole dance sequences:

– I got hurt several times, but what I really hurt was my shoulder, because it was a lot of repetitive effort, little time I had to learn. To this day I have a bad right shoulder because of Alzirão.

Flávia Alessandra and Antonio Fagundes in a scene from 'Two faces' (Photo: Reproduction)Flávia Alessandra and Antonio Fagundes in a scene from ‘Two faces’ (Photo: Reproduction)


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