Four Corinthians players have a streak of games hanging; see list

Alongside América-MG, Corinthians is in last place when it comes to a yellow card in the Brazilian Championship. In 18 games, 26 were received, which generates an average of 1.44 per game. In addition, none of Timão’s players have been punished with a red card so far. As such, the team has four players with a streak of hanging games.

The defensive midfielder Gabriel has been hanging since June 20, when Corinthians was in a goalless draw with Bahia, at Pituaçu stadium. After that, he participated in 12 matches as a starter and was unharmed in all of them. Namely, he was only substituted in the second half in three of them. Remember that the athlete has a reputation for receiving many yellow cards, including he celebrated the improvement in this aspect in August.

Defender Gil has been in the same situation since July 11, when Timão lost 1-0 to Fortaleza, at Castelão stadium. The defender played the 90 minutes of the seven straight duels and has remained unwarned so far.

The Roni steering wheel was last yellowed on August 8th. From the goalless draws with Santos in Vila Belmiro, he became another hangman. Subsequently, he played three more games, being served in the second half in all. Thus, it continues to escape suspension.

Finally, forward Marquinhos is the fourth hanging. He received the last yellow card in the same match as Gil, but unlike the defender who is the first-timer, the young man only entered the second half in the five matches he has been present since.

In addition to the four, two more players entered the hanging list in the 1-0 victory against Grêmio. Cassio and João Victor were warned with yellow. As a result, Corinthians faces Juventude on Tuesday, at 9:30 pm, with six players at risk of suspension for the third card.

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