From ‘world cardboard’ to ‘scandal’: international press criticizes suspension of Brazil x Argentina

The international press criticized the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina, which would be held this Sunday at Arena Neo Química, in São Paulo. The game was interrupted by employees of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) after non-compliance with health rules by the Argentine team.

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Anvisa agents entered the field to determine the deportation of four Argentine players who did not comply with quarantine. There was confusion with the arrival of federal employees, and Argentina’s national team left the field in the aftermath. The Brazilian team took the opportunity to practice.

On its website, the Argentine newspaper “Olé” highlighted in its headline: “Brazilian world cardboard”. The newspaper also wrote: “Health members stepped into the field to detain Premier League players. Total scandal. Argentina withdrew. And Tite’s national team supported Scaloni’s players. It was suspended.”

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The “Clarín” adopted a similar tone and also called the episode “scandal” and “cardboard”. In the same vein, TyC Sports stated: “Global scandal! Suspended by health authorities.”

Portal of the Argentine Clarín: 'Scandal in Brazil x Argentina' Photo: Reproduction
Portal of the Argentine Clarín: ‘Scandal in Brazil x Argentina’ Photo: Reproduction

European press

The Spaniard “Marca” also called the decision a “scandal”. “Suspended Brazil x Argentina”, published on its portal. The Portuguese “A Bola” announced the suspension of the match and stressed that “at the center of the controversy are four Argentine players who represent English clubs and that, according to the rules determined by the Brazilian government, they should have fulfilled a period of quarantine like all foreigners who enter Brazil from England”.

Spanish newspaper Marca classified suspension as 'scandal' Photo: Reproduction
Spanish newspaper Marca classified suspension as ‘scandal’ Photo: Reproduction

The BBC, meanwhile, wrote: “Brazil v Argentina suspended after visiting players are accused of violating Covid-19”. The British called the interruption a “dramatic intervention”.

The Italian “Gazzetta dello Sport” called the episode “unbelievable” and published: “Brazil vs Argentina interrupted after 7 minutes for ‘lack of quarantine'”.

Gazzetta dello Sport: 'Unbelievable in Brazil vs Argetina: interrupted after 7 minutes due to lack of quarantine' Photo: Reproduction
Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘Unbelievable in Brazil vs Argetina: interrupted after 7 minutes due to lack of quarantine’ Photo: Reproduction

Conmebol announced on its social networks this afternoon that the final decision on the match will be up to FIFA.

“By decision of the match referee, the match organized by FIFA between Brazil and Argentina, for the World Cup qualifiers, is suspended. The referee and the match commissioner will send a report to the FIFA disciplinary committee, which will determine the steps to be taken. follow,” explained confederation.

Anvisa agents argue that four players from Argentina cannot exercise any activity in Brazil before going through quarantine as they were previously in the United Kingdom. Despite the determination of Anvisa, made public in the early afternoon, Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero were cast. Only Buendia did not enter the field. Anvisa ordinance determines that any traveler who passed through the United Kingdom must quarantine 14 days due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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— We reached this point because everything that Anvisa directed, from the first moment, was not fulfilled. They were instructed to remain isolated to await deportation. But it was not fulfilled. They move to the stadium, enter the field, there is a sequence of non-compliances – said the director-president of Anvisa, Antonio Barra Torres, in an interview with TV Globo, recalling that, before, they had provided false information at the airport.