Gareth Bale Opens Game On Early Retirement: ‘I Never Planned’

After rumors of a possible early retirement of Gareth Bale from the pitch, the striker finally spoke. In an interview this Saturday (4), at ‘BBC’, the Real Madrid and Wales striker revealed that he never thought of retiring and that many crazy things were invented about him and his career.

Everyone seems to make up stories when they want to. I do not know. They just make up some crazy stuff. I never planned to retire. As I said before, I just wanted to focus on the Euro and I didn’t want to have to explain. I didn’t feel like I needed it”

The attacker also stated that he had no need to comment, but still spoke about the case:

“I don’t feel the need to do that yet, and I think that no matter what I said I would do, if I was going to stay, leave, retire, whatever, it would have made a great story. An irritating and disturbing story. So I think it was better for me not to say anything and try to concentrate on the work”

After being loaned to Tottenham, Bale returned to Real Madrid, where he is enjoying better days under Carlo Ancelotti. The 32-year-old said that the atmosphere in Madrid is better for him this year and that going to the Spurs was good for his career:

“I always think it’s good to be in a good environment. That was the main reason I went to Tottenham, as I knew it would be a good environment for me. It was a break that maybe I needed at the time, and I had a great time with the Spurs.”