Globo is defeated in court after controversy at Mais Você

Nicole France
Nicole França and her boyfriend won the lawsuit against the Rio station (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

The couple Nicole France and Peter managed to win the lawsuit against the Globe. The two went to court after a report by the More you, in which they claim they were ridiculed.

According to information from Notícias da TV, Globo will pay R$ 10,000 in compensation to the young woman, who was detonated on social networks after the story was aired. In the process, Nicole claims that she suffered psychological and personal damage after the frame.

At first, the girl asked for the amount of R$ 50 thousand in compensation, but judge Monica de Feitas Lima, from the 5th Civil Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, decided for a better value.

For those who did not follow, the article aired on Globo’s morning in May 2019. At the time, the production wanted to make content about Valentine’s Day and, with that, Nicole’s boyfriend, Pedro, wanted to make a surprise for she with the help of the program.

She said she agreed to participate in the recording, but said she didn’t like the editing of the painting. In the video, she responded to her companion’s messages with irony and harshness. With that, the production added some angry emoji to refer to the young woman’s bad mood. Her defense, then, argued that the edition was made for greater repercussion among the public.

The article was among the most talked about subjects on social media as “the dinner that didn’t work out”, yielding criticism to Nicole. She even tried to justify herself on Facebook, revealing that she was tired on the day of the recording and even acknowledged that she was rude to Pedro.

Still in the process, she asked Globo to withdraw the episode from digital platforms, such as Globoplay. In the excerpt of the decision, the judge agreed with the young woman:

“The author’s right to have the report taken off the air is evident, as the way her image was edited and portrayed, including through sound and visual effects, as well as the narrative used reveal distortion between what justified the capture and what was shown in the entertainment program”.

Also according to the publication, the case is still open to appeal. The station did not comment on the case.

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