Glória Menezes leaves her farm in São Paulo and returns to Rio de Janeiro

Actress Glória Menezes decided to leave her farm, located in the city of Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo, to live in Rio de Janeiro. The change takes place after the death of her husband, actor Tarcisio Meira.

The information was released this Saturday morning (4) by Mocita Fagundes, daughter-in-law of the actress. “Today we entered stage two. Changing air is always nice. Our queen is going to her little house in Rio! Surrounded by love, near the sea. Rio is happy, it’s sunny and she is physically fit. There, we’ll do a lot of gymnastics, good walks and catch some sun on the beach,” wrote Mocita on Instagram.

In her post, Glória Menezes’ daughter-in-law joked. “Bye, Sampa. See you soon! Hello, Rio de Janeiro. That hug! Today ‘my house’ is itinerant. It’s in my short breaks from my work and wherever the queen is”, stated Mocita in the publication.

Tarcisio Filho’s wife also commented that she lost her mother when she was 7 years old, and that she was adopted by Gloria, who calls her “gaucho daughter”. “What she and Tarcision did for my son, who faced a serious health problem -with a very expensive treatment (and they barely knew us)- made me understand the extent that love can reach”.


Previously, Mocita had already said that the family was united to try to ease Gloria’s pain over the loss of her husband. “Around here, the family is united, like a gear of love. Each one gives his best, in an affective relay – with the sole objective of easing our queen’s pain”.

Tarcisio Meira

Before the pandemic, actress Glória Menezes already lived in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where Globo is headquartered, the broadcaster where she acted in several soap operas and series. However, with the arrival of covid-19 and the end of her contract with Globo, in September 2020, she and Tarcísio Meira, who had been together since 1962, decided to isolate themselves on the family farm in Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo. Paul.

But in August 2021, the couple received a positive diagnosis for covid-19 and were admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in the capital. Tarcisio died on August 12, victim of complications from the disease, and Gloria managed to recover and was discharged.