Gringo who lives in Belo Horizonte goes viral on social media with tourism tips for foreigners: ‘Best place’ | Minas Gerais

The tropeiro beans, the “surrounding” nature and the kindness of the people of Belo Horizonte were fundamental for a six-month working trip in the capital of Minas Gerais to become the permanent home of 31-year-old New Yorker Regan Hart Zanes.

“What won me over in Belo Horizonte were the people, the miners, the food and culture, the surrounding nature. As soon as I arrived here, I felt at home, because everyone was very warm and welcoming. eating Minas Gerais food, I came to love Belo Horizonte even more, a better place. I couldn’t believe that I had never heard or experienced true Brazilian cuisine before. My favorite dish is tropeiro beans,” he said.

Regan came to BH to work for six months in 2014. She returned in 2017 and lived for two years in São Paulo, also on business. When the pandemic started, he had the “freedom to choose” where he would live and decided for the capital of Minas Gerais, in September 2020.

“I have never been so well received or met such genuinely kind people in my life,” he said.

Regan Hart Zanes, 31 years old traveling through Minas Gerais — Photo: Personal archive

‘Brazil through the eyes of a gringo’

“Brazil through the eyes of the gringo”. This is how the digital influencer presents himself on social networks. One of his profiles, on Friday (3), had 116 thousand followers. there, regan gives Brazilian travel tips to foreigners.

“The idea came in 2014, when I lived in Belo Horizonte. I started traveling to the mountains of Minas Gerais to hike, visit waterfalls, and I was also completely surprised by the beauty of each place I went. I researched on the internet or on the networks social places that Brazilians sent me to visit, and I was never able to find good information, and there were never adequate photos or videos showing how beautiful each place is,” he said.

He enjoys his passion for photos and videos and records step by step each trip to the four corners of Brazil.

“I worked in the corporate world for 9 years and never liked or got excited about it, so finally, at 29, I made the decision to completely change my life and follow my true passion of showing Brazil to the world,” he said.

Regan at the Mirante no Mangabeiras, in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte — Photo: Personal archive

Regan on a trip to Rio de Janeiro — Photo: Personal Archive

Digital influencer in the mountains of Minas — Photo: Personal archive

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