Group makes ‘arrastão’ at airport and flees with planes of singer Almir Sater, former mayor and rancher of MS | Mato Grosso do Sul

A police task force investigates the theft of three aircraft and the attempt to take others from Aquidauana airport, in the western region of the state. According to the police, at least 18 criminals were at the scene in the early hours of Monday (6). The group surrendered the airport watchman and forced him to refuel the planes.

The following planes were taken:

  • One of the bonanza v35b type, registration PTING, owned by the rancher and former mayor of Aquidauana Zelito Alves Ribeiro and your partner, joel jacques
  • One of the Sky Lane type, registration PTKDI, from the rancher José Henrique Trindade
  • One Sky Lane type, license plate PTDST, from the singer Admiral Sater

Also according to the police, the case occurred around 2 am (in MS). As there was no lighting, the men entered through the back and at first tried to take an aircraft. As a result, they surrendered the watchman and forced him to supply, tying up the man afterwards and fleeing.

A witness has already talked to the police. She said that she heard the noise from the moment they took off, however, she thought it was a medical emergency and, therefore, she did not go to check.

Teams from Campo Grande and other state and federal security agencies have already been notified of the situation. One of the hypotheses is that part of the bandits would be from the interior of São Paulo and part of Mato Grosso do Sul. They would have fled to Bolivia.

Since dawn this Monday (6), the Department of Repression of Corruption and Organized Crime (Dracco) has been investigating the case and left Campo Grande to conduct an investigation.

Hours earlier, they were in communication with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) to check whether the radars installed at the borders had registered the flights of these three aircraft, as it was a clandestine route.