Groups camp in Brasilia awaiting acts of September 7 – Politics

Brasília – Groups that intend to take to the streets in the acts called by the president Jair Bolsonaro at the September 7th anticipated and landed in Brasilia already on the weekend. Camps were set up in two different locations in the federal capital and some supporters went to the Esplanade on Sunday to display support banners for Bolsonaro, with attacks on the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and even asking military intervention.

One of the places of concentration is the Jayme Caetano Braun Traditions Center (CTG) in the South Sports Club Sector, just over 5 km from the location where the Tuesday events will take place. Supporters parked buses, trailers, motorcycles, cars and pitched tents at the site to await the demonstration. The other is further away, about 30 km from the Esplanada, in Parque Leão, in Recanto das Emas, administrative region of Brasília.

With temperatures reaching 33ºC and a dry climate, some chose to extend the nets under the trees. Others decided to face the sun and went to the demonstration site, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, to “warm up” the event. The number of Bolsonaro supporters on the streets was small, but the trend is for it to increase until tomorrow.

On the streets of Brasília, street vendors took advantage of the weather and sold flags from Brazil, Israel and Rio Grande do Sul — the largest costing R$ 120 and the small one, R$ 40.

On the Esplanade, most of the protesters stood in front of the National Congress, with Brazilian flags and banners calling for intervention. “We want President Bolsonaro in power,” said one of the banners, despite having been in office since January 2019. In addition, banners “authorized” the president to intervene in the Legislative and Judiciary.

In a video posted on social media, a group appears in front of the STF headquarters asking the head of the Planalto to use “gunpowder” and promote a “general cleaning” in the court. “The people demand military intervention with Bolsonaro in Power,” read another poster in front of Congress, with the words in English below “The people demand military intervent on with Bolsonaro in power“.

The STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes opened an inquiry to investigate undemocratic acts during the organization of the demonstration and has been the main target of the Pocketnarista critics and attacks. On Saturday 4, Bolsonaro spoke in Brasília, renewed attacks on STF members and stated that he did not want a “portrait” of him or any politician at the demonstration. Flags and banners with Bolsonaro’s photo, however, were frequent on protesters’ hands and vehicles.

In addition to vehicles and tents, the stay of other pocket workers in Brasília has been more luxurious. As shown by Estadão on Saturday, 4, hotels in Brasília, which are traditionally empty on holidays, are fully booked for the next few days. The Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry of the Federal District (Abih-DF) points to an occupancy of almost 100% on Monday, 6th, and on the 7th.

For now, supporters who have arrived in the capital are taking the opportunity to circulate along the streets of Brasília, honk the horn, display flags and shout at other drivers in traffic. Vehicle circulation will only be interrupted on the Esplanade on the day of the demonstration, according to the Federal District government.

To tighten security, DF authorities have decided to separate the pro-government protesters, who will be staying on the Esplanade of Ministries, from Bolsonaro’s critics, who are expected to focus on the TV Tower starting Tuesday morning.