Helô Pinheiro on his fight against cancer: ‘I need to live’

Helô Pinheiro, the eternal Girl from Ipanema, spoke about her fight against thyroid cancer in an interview for “Sunday Espetacular”. The 76-year-old presenter and businesswoman discovered a carcinoma and underwent surgery to remove her thyroid in July, and reported her post-surgical treatment to the program, showing optimism for her complete recovery.

I need to live, I need to continue my walk. That it will be long is what I hope. Helô Pinheiro

The carioca is now preparing to start an iodine therapy treatment. “You will no longer be able to use nail polish, dye your hair, don’t even think about it, you can’t eat egg yolks, only the whites, I can’t eat anything that has iodine or sodium, like coconut water, which I love,” she explained.

Due to the procedure, which will be carried out in September, Helo will have to spend five days in isolation, which he will do in his own home.

“It’s a blessing because that way, at least, I can know what’s going on at home. But I’ll be isolated in my room, I’ll read a book, watch TV, but it’s five days that will seem like a year,” she said.

The businesswoman also told about the effects of thyroid withdrawal on her mood:

I get like this, one hour nervous, another time I get anxious, another time I get irritated. I think it really messed with my emotional stability, not only knowing, but also because of the thyroid withdrawal itself, that the hormones are there to balance. I’m practically unbalanced emotionally. Helô Pinheiro

the diagnosis

It all started when the carioca started feeling hot and commented with her doctor. “I thought: ‘My God, I’ve been past menopause it’s been time, why am I feeling this hot?’. I spoke to my gynecologist and he recommended a check-up,” he said.

After doing a thyroid ultrasound, Helo discovered five nodules and was diagnosed with cancer. “When she said it was a carcinoma it scared me anyway, reading or knowing makes the same thing, but as she reassured me by saying: ‘No, you can rest assured that you will be cured’, it gave me a little more relief” , said the Girl from Ipanema.

The presenter’s daughters, Ticiane, Kiki and Jô Pinheiro, followed their mother’s surgery. “The girls were in the room, they gave me this ‘up’ and there I felt more welcomed,” she said, adding that she spent a day in hospital.