holiday will affect the withdrawal calendar

The Federal Government should continue releasing this week the withdrawals of the fifth installment of Emergency Aid. However, it is worth remembering that Brazil will have the Independence holiday this Tuesday (7). As a result, the schedule for transferring this money in kind will undergo a small change. Users need to pay attention to these changes.

Typically, the Government releases these withdrawals to one group per business day. Then between Monday and Friday, they release the money to a different portion of beneficiaries. That’s still true this week. Only on Tuesday (7), and on Wednesday (8), there will not be any kind of release.

With this, only four groups of informal workers should have the right to take the amount of the fifth installment in cash this week. The first of them, by the way, is this Monday (6). It is the day of release for those who were born in the month of April. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, people in this group can go to a branch and withdraw the amount from the first hours of the morning.

On Thursday (9), it will be the time of release for those users who have birthdays in the month of May. And on Friday (10) it will be the turn of people who were born in the month of June. After that, the release of withdrawals should return only next Monday (13), with cash payments for those that are from the month of July.


Remember that no one is required to withdraw the amount of Emergency Assistance. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, those who do not want to go to a branch can use the program’s money through the Caixa Tem application, or even through the Internet Banking system. According to the bank, around 70% of the project’s users use this form of movement.

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This rule only applies to informal workers who are on Emergency Assistance. And also for those who are in Cadúnico, but who are not receiving any kind of extra help from the Federal Government. Those who are part of Bolsa Família, for example, end up having to follow a different logic.

Users in this group do not follow the payment date based on the month of birth, but on the final digit of the Social Registration Number (NIS). In addition, these people do not have to wait for a second date to withdraw benefit money.

According to Caixa Econômica Federal, these Brazilians can make the withdrawal on the exact day the money is released. However, as in the case of informal ones, these users also have the option to change the amount through digital means.

Emergency Assistance

According to information from the Ministry of Citizenship, something around 37 million Brazilians are receiving emergency aid money at this time. Of these, around 27 million are informal and the other 10 million are from Bolsa Família.

Despite the complaints, the fact is that the Federal Government is maintaining the level of payments at the same level since the beginning of transfers. These are releases ranging from R$150 to R$375. The vast majority of people, however, are receiving this lower amount.

Recently, the Federal Government announced the extension of this aid for another three months. As a result, payments that were supposed to end in July should now continue until October. Soon after, Planalto Palace wants to start the transfers of the new Bolsa Família.

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