“I hit the wrong button,” explains Ney Matogrosso about nude on Instagram


Ronayre Nunes

posted on 9/04/2021 10:59 PM / updated on 9/04/2021 11:00 PM

Who has never been confused with networks, right?  -

Who has never been confused with networks, right? –

After shaking up social networks last week with the publication of a nude image on Instagram, singer Ney Matogrosso, 80, decided to explain the reason for the “surprise” to more than 850,000 followers: the artist got confused and ended up posting the nude by mistake.

“I wanted to send it via WhatsApp, but I pressed the wrong button and published it by mistake” declared Matogrosso to the magazine Look, this Friday (3/9), without further details.

At the time, the internet was quite divided on whether the image was real or not, and even if there would have been a hacker scam on the singer’s account.

It is also worth remembering that this year Ney Matogrosso celebrated eight decades of life and gave an interview to Brazilian mail to remember the great moments of his career.

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