In his debut against Grêmio, Tiago Nunes can launch Ceará with two old acquaintances of the Grêmio fans

Former Grêmio commander for just over 70 days in the period that included the final stretch of Gauchão, the South American group stage and the start of Brasileirão, Tiago Nunes is having time to train and set up his first lineup in Ceará. its debut will be exactly at the Arena, on the 12th, at 11am.

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Nunes arrived at Vozão promising to keep the positive legacy left by Guto Ferreira and thus two former Grêmio players may appear in the starting lineup on the 12th. .

Guto’s last lineup, in the 2-0 loss away from home to América-MG, had Richard, Fabinho, Messias, Luiz Otávio, Kelvyn; Fernando Sobral, William Oliveira, Vina; Rick, Lima, Cleber.

“That group welcomed me very well. But the collective context today is different. Felipão is there doing his job, with other ideas, reinforcements, other lineups. It helps because I know the individuality of each one, but I will also have to study the changes made. It’s a team that is under pressure to leave the Z4”, said Nunes, at the presentation conference, already projecting the game of the 12th at the Arena.

On the part of Grêmio, the order is of total focus in this match, seen as a “World Cup” in the words of President Romildo Bolzan Jr. Proof of this is that the players’ concentration was anticipated to start on Wednesday.

On the Brasileirão leaderboard, Ceará is in 8th place with 24 points, while Grêmio comes in 18th with 16.

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