Jojo Todynho speaks up after controversy involving betrayal: ‘Respect me’ – Famous

Jojo Todynho (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The singer Jojo Todynho I had been living a romantic relationship since the beginning of August, with the businessman Marcio Felipe, as pointed out by Fbia Oliveira, The day. However, the artist was accused of being the boy’s lover by an ex-affair of marcio, the manicure Izabelle White.

This Sunday morning (09/05), the funkeira spoke through social networks, explaining what had happened. please note that Marcio Felipe he also addressed the incident on his social networks, stating that he is a single man. “Do you really think that I, Jordana, Jojo Todynho, need to be hanging out with other people’s males? Old vagab***, retired piss***, I’ve never had to sleep with anyone’s male, even because I have the man I have I want, whenever I want. I don’t have time for that”, shot jojo.

“I’ve been reading and listening to a lot and doing the crazy thing, going over the top. I promised that I’d never come on the internet again and fight over anything, but there are times when I don’t”

Jojo Todynho

Marcio Felipe he spoke earlier this last Saturday night (09/04), stating that he was already single when he met the funkeira. “So, before all these assumptions gain a lot more strength and end up hurting not only me, but my family, the people around me, the person I relate to, just make it clear here that I’m free. If I am free and single, I have the right to fall in love and be happy with anyone else”, said the dancer.

In his outburst in the stories, jojo complemented what marcio had claimed the day before, exposing that he was already single when they had met. “Respect me because I don’t need to hang out with anyone’s male. I didn’t know that a date was a boyfriend. I’m a single woman and I’ve met the most worthy bachelor, so I’m not going to prolong the subject. […] My character is one, I do not pretend to be what I am not, so respect me”, finished.