Jorginho misses a penalty, but Italy breaks Brazil’s historic record

THE Italy had a wasted penalty by Jorginho and did not come out of a 0-0 draw with the Switzerland, but broke a world record. With the result, the Azzurra went on to have the greatest invincibility in history among all the selections.

The match, valid for the fifth round of group C of the European qualifiers for the World Cup.

The team led by Roberto Mancini reached 36 games without defeats (27 wins and 9 draws) and went on to Spain, with 35 – between November 2006 and June 2009.

For FIFA, Italy also surpassed the Brazilian Team, which between December 1993 and January 1996, was unbeaten by 36 games, but a game in 95 against Romania is not recognized with the claim that the selected teams were Olympic.

After losing several clear chances in the first half, the Italians had the best opportunity at the start of the final stage. On minute five, Rodríguez committed a penalty on Berardi, but Jorginho hit badly, and goalkeeper Sommer awaited the definition of the midfielder, from Chelsea, to defend the kick.

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Championship status

Italy is still in the lead, with 11 points, four more than Switzerland, which is the runner-up. In the other group match, Bulgaria beat Lithuania 1-0 and took third place with five points. The Lithuanians, who are in the lantern, have not yet scored.

upcoming games

Next Wednesday (8), at 15:45 (GMT), the two teams enter the field for the sixth round. Italians receive the Lithuania, while the Swiss visit Northern Ireland.