Juliana Paiva pays tribute to Faustão on the day of Luciano Huck’s debut · TV News

Juliana Paiva paid tribute to Fausto Silva this Sunday (5), the day Luciano Huck debuts at Domingão. The actress confessed that it was hard to believe in the end of the program with Faustão and saying goodbye to a person so dear. “Thank you so much for your light,” she said on social media.

“I postponed this ‘farewell’ until the last minute because it was difficult to face the end of the program without being able to give you a hug and thank you personally for all the emotions I experienced on this stage”, she began, when publishing a video of her on Domingão in her Instagram profile.

“Besides being the greatest communicator of all times, as everyone already knows, he is also a being of great humanity, generosity and humility! A true idol”, she praised. “He made a point of having his family name on his file so that he would always remember us and remind his audience of the importance of knowing who we are and thanking us for our origins,” he continued.

“Thank you for always having received me so well! As much as the butterflies in my stomach I felt on our first date, you made me feel part of this family”, thanked the actress. “Wherever you are, we’ll all be applauding you too much,” he promised.

Finally, Juliana also wished Huck luck in his debut as Faustão’s replacement. “I’m sure you will know how to honor this legacy with all your experience. The TV is already on to follow along,” she wrote. The first Domingão with Luciano airs today, at 6 pm, on Globo.

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