Juliette enters the history of Brazilian music in an unexpected way and data are released

Juliette Freire impacts generation with her music (Image: Playback / Globoplay)

Juliette he surprised all expectations and made history with his debut in the world of music. Even inexperienced, she made her first EP hit the biggest Spotify brands in Brazil.

Marking Brazilian music, she recorded six songs that accumulated no less than 5,957,879 million streams in the first 24 hours, according to information from Marie Claire magazine.

In this way, it surpassed Matuê, who occupied the first place on the list and is now second, with 4.7 million. Then comes Anitta (4.2 million) and Luísa Sonza (4.1 million).

As such, Juliette is second only to Lady Gaga with the album “Chromatica”, which scored 7.7 million. Even before launching it, it had already conquered an important mark on music platforms.

The newest singer on the market broke the pre-save record of Spotify Brazil.

According to data confirmed by Virgin Music Brasil, the record company responsible for the release, there were more than 222,000 pre-saves made, from Luísa Sonza, who scored 24,000 on the eve of the release of Doce 22.

For those who don’t know, the pre-save tool is so that users can automatically receive music releases in their library, as soon as they are on air.

Juliette’s first musical project will feature six songs: Bença, Diferença Mara, Doce, Sei Lá, Benzin and Vixe Que Gostoso. When releasing the cover of the EP, Juliette commented on her social networks:

“It’s time to take on my best face. Meet the cover of my dream! Music has always been my refuge, it takes me to beautiful places… Here I am! My EP will be available tomorrow on all streaming platforms. With love, Juliette”.

Who woke up excited about the release was Anitta. In Instagram stories, the funkeira was excited and raved about the project.

On the social network, Anitta, who is in the United States, revealed that she was responsible for helping on the former sister’s first album, recorded at her home in Rio de Janeiro:

“Prepare yourselves! The EP will come out after many months of work. We started all this work even before Juliette left ‘BBB’. We’ll tell a little of her story on her Instagram. This work that we did with a lot of love and affection. Thank you, Juliette, for the trust, with your eyes closed, for giving yourself and trusting us. You’re going to hear something very like this (screams), it’s very amazing. She gave herself too much. We all give ourselves a lot. It’s an exciting job.”

“I followed everything from a distance, on the phone, and my mother was there while she was recording in her home studio. It was a lot of work, guys. From Juliette’s friends who came to me before she left the house for us to do. We were working on the secret, without telling anyone (screams). I’m just not more nervous than she is, but I am. Crazy for you to hear everything, because it’s so good“, he completed.

Anitta even asked the opinion of her mother, Miriam Macedo, about Juliette’s EP. “I thought it was wonderful. It’s wonderful, from Paraíba, Northeastern…“, he added. “Thanks to all the producers, songwriters who were part of this super amazing work“, finished the funkeira.

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