Justin Bieber thrills and drives audiences crazy with a special performance of ‘Baby’ at a festival, after years without singing the hit; watch

Glory day for beliebers around the world! In 2010, the anthem “Baby” led Canadian Justin Bieber to global stardom and, with the participation of rapper Ludacris, made even non-pop fans learn the lyrics of the most famous song of his career (I bet you know it to this day !).

Since then, the artist has gone through several phases throughout his life under the spotlight, his music has evolved and the track he released at age 16, consequently, ended up being left behind. Proof of this is the fact that the last time the muse sang the historic hit was during the “Purpose Tour” in 2017. On Sunday night (5), however, that changed, as Justin decided to close his participation in the “Made In America Festival” with a golden key and present your fans with an incredible performance of “Baby”. OMG!

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During the event, which is curated by Jay-Z and took place in Philadelphia, United States, Bieber started the performance by “teasing” the fans. “Maybe this song sounds familiar to you guys,” declared the artist, with great charisma. It was then that Justin broke into a playful smile and the first chords of the song came through the speakers, causing a furor in the audience before they were interrupted.

Leaning over to hear the deafening screams of his admirers, the muse waited until the first few seconds of the song re-echoed twice more and encouraged the fans to scream louder and louder. Afterwards, the voice of “Hold On” began to sing and the collective surge took over the festival (and those who watched from home too, we’re sure! Kkk). We’re not even a little bit jealous… Just spy:

The surprises of the presentation did not stop there and the Canadian even had special guest appearances during his “set”. Wearing a backwards baseball cap and sunglasses, Bieber made a mix of hits from his latest album, “Justice,” as well as classics from his career.

In all, the artist performed 24 songs: “Somebody”, “Hold On”, “Deserve You”, “Ghost”, “Holy”, “Off My Face”, “Unstable”, “Where are you Now?”, “ Come Around Me”, “Yummy”, “Confident”, “All That Matters”, “Hold Tight”, “Don’t go”, “Essence (Remix)”, “Sorry”, “Love you Different”, “As I Am”, “Lonely”, “Stay”, “Intentions”, “Baby”, “Peaches” and “Anyone”. Check out some of the best moments of the show:

Hold On

At the moment the hit “Hold On” was underway, fireworks exploded in the sky and even the rain that took over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a panoramic avenue that runs through the cultural heart of Philadelphia, managed to diminish the public’s excitement.

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“What’s going on, Philly?”, Bieber said to the crowd. “I am so grateful to be back here. This song means a lot to me, so let’s do it.” he confessed, before singing the pop gospel of “Holy,” delighting the crowd as he brought Chance the Rapper to the stage.

Essence (Remix)

Chance, however, wasn’t Biebs’ only surprise guest. During the performance of “Essence”, Wizkid accompanied the singer.

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Hold Tight

Fortunately, the moment of “envejinha” of Brazilian fans will only last a little longer – that’s because, on September 4, 2022, Justin will land in Brazil for a show in the next edition of “Rock In Rio”. A year goes by quickly, doesn’t it? We can’t wait!