Large fire hits Parque das Mangabeiras in Belo Horizonte | Minas Gerais

A fire of great proportions, which at first started in a vegetation in the Marchla neighborhood, in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte, reached the Parque das Mangabeiras. This Sunday (5), the flames could be seen from various points in the center of the capital.

The Fire Department arrived at the scene around 4 pm, and some soldiers remained in the region throughout the night, monitoring the outbreaks. Around 5:00 am this Monday (6), a new team headed to the fire area.

According to the corporation, there are no reports of victims or risk to homes located nearby. This Sunday, four vehicles were at the site and firefighters from the park supported the military.

According to firefighters, the flames started at 3:30 pm. “A large area was burned. No houses were affected and there is no record of victims,” ​​said Cadet Moreira.

It is not yet known what could have started the fire.

In a statement, the Foundation of Municipal Parks and Zoobotany of the capital confirmed that the flames reached the Parque das Mangabeiras.

“This Sunday’s unfavorable weather conditions – low air humidity and high temperatures – added to the slope of the area favored the rapid spread of the flames, despite the efforts. avoid damage to existing transmission lines at the site – they continue in the area, focused on reducing environmental and material damage,” informed the Foundation.

Also according to the note, “all efforts are aimed at monitoring the area and activating strategic plans to facilitate combat actions, which are still in progress”

Flames can be seen from the center of the capital — Photo: Raquel Freitas/TV Globo

The Fire Department informed, in a note, that part of the fire was controlled and that the flames that most concerned were extinguished.

“Part of the fire was controlled. The line of fire that most threatened was extinguished, but some outbreaks that are in very steep places and difficult to access remain. (…) A team is ready to restart work tomorrow from 5 am. They will do a study to see the possibility of using Airtractor planes in tomorrow’s combat,” the corporation said.

Between midnight on Saturday (4) and 18:00 on Sunday, approximately 42 calls were answered referring to forest fires in Greater Belo Horizonte, according to the Fire Department.