Latino polemics by summoning public for September 7 demonstrations | celebrities

Latin singer, 48 years old

Latin singer, 48 years old

Latino, 48 years old, started Monday (06) being the target of controversy, because the singer – who has his accounts blocked due to debts – shared a video summoning fans for the demonstrations on September 7th, which are organized by supporters of the Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) government.

In the images, Latino appears wearing a green and yellow shirt, playing the guitar and singing an altered version of the song “Me Leva”. “Oh baby, take me, take me to the streets, take me. Day seven awaits us, independence is what I always wanted. My shirt is yellow”, intoned the singer, in a video posted on Instagram, calling the public to the demonstrations of September 7th.

In the publication’s caption, Latino still lectured. “Ignorance is a gift, as with it we cannot perceive the misfortunes that surround us. I am a patriot indeed! I am not on the fence because of political ideologies. I am Brazil!”, he said, implying that in addition to support the demonstrations, supports Bolsonaro.

O vídeo do cantor viralizou no Twitter após ser impulsionado por Flávio Bolsonaro, senador e filho do presidente da República. “Those who go on Sept 7th are commenting here”, wrote the politician on the platform. The video file, of course, soon began to reverberate, generating a great wave of criticism of the Latino.

For those who don’t know, Bolsonaro supporters are organizing two events for the next 7th of September, which will feature caravans from various regions of Brazil. A demonstration will be in Brasilia in the morning; another will be on Avenida Paulista in the afternoon. The president has already confirmed to the press that he will be present at both.