Luan Santana reveals: “I’m dating”

In Rio de Janeiro, a small group of Luan Santana fans received, this Sunday (09/05), the confirmation that all the press specialized in celebrities had been looking for in recent days. “I’m dating”, revealed the singer, surprising his admirers.

The conversation took place while Luan disembarked from a van, arriving at a professional appointment in Rio de Janeiro. At the vehicle door, a fan was waiting for the artist to take a picture and asked how he was doing. Another admirer asks for news, and the countryman made the revelation.

Last Monday night (31/08), he was seen at a restaurant in São Paulo, alongside model Izabela Cunha. One click, which was published by the column, records the moment alone the two were having during a dinner.

Izabela appeared in Luan’s life earlier this year, and the column had already received images of the two walking around a mall, but so far they haven’t taken anything serious.