Luciano Huck brings a moving account of Angelica’s despair in a hospital

Luciano Huck told about the difficult moments he lived with his wife (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Luciano Huck gave a moving account of one of the most complicated moments for him and his wife, Angelica, lived. In the book From door to door, who wrote during social isolation, the global recalled the serious accident of his son Benício, which he had to be operated on in a hurry:

“As parents, Angelica and I live our hours of greatest anguish and pain. (…) These memories still throb and ache. (…) The fall of Beni brought sudden horror”.

Angelica and I beside the bed, destroyed, without a floor, without direction. (…) I saw my wife, the stronghold of the family, kneeling and praying for more than five hours non-stop. I saw a mother throw herself on the floor in despair, amid screams and tears, at the door of an operating room. I felt my life lose its meaning amidst so much fear“, says, in another excerpt.

For those who don’t remember, Benício had an accident during his family’s vacation on the Costa Verde, in Rio de Janeiro. At the time, the little one, who was wearing no helmet, fell while wakeboarding and suffered a head injury.

Also in the book, released by Globo Livros, Luciano commented on the reaction he had when Fernando Grostein, his brother, revealed his sexual orientation in 1999.

When Fernando, at age 20, marked his position and said, ‘look, I’m gay, this is my life, this is not a choice, this is my being, this is how I am’, I said: ‘ok’. But, at first, I had a certain shock”, he admitted.

The presenter stated that his reaction was motivated “for reasons that have to do with the dull, stupid and almost inhuman way in which the world dictates the rules of behavior”. However, he pointed out: “But also because you want the life of the person you love to be a paved road, with no potholes and little winding”.

In the world we live in, although this is changing, coming out as gay unfortunately still means facing a heavy dose of prejudice.”, summarized.

In another excerpt of the work, Luciano Huck returned to the subject and mentioned his brother, currently 40 years old, once again. According to him, his attitude was taken “given the load of sexist and homophobic references that Brazilian society had given me”, in addition to the “prejudice and the suffering I imagined it would bring to Fernando and my family”.

My first sensation was, in fact, of losing ground. There begins a clash between everything that had ingrained in me, the result of what is now called structural machismo, and my attempt to understand and process the new information and form a new consciousness”, he exposed.

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