Maiara gets advice from Anitta after separation from Fernando Zor

mahara received advice from Anitta when going out to dinner with the funkeira after ending the six-month engagement with Fernando Zor supposedly because of the sertanejo’s jealousy in relation to Henrique, Juliano’s duo. In a series of videos on her Instagram Stories, “Poderosa” even makes fun of the comings and goings of Maiara and Fernando by asking the singer to write down the “rules of life”.

“Rule one: yo-yo was made just for children to play,” fired Anitta, eliciting laughter from Maraisa’s sister. A little earlier, the interpreter of “Bang” had already played a joke with her friend, who had gotten engaged during a parachute jump in Dubai. “Come with Mom and I’ll teach you how to live dear, that you’re living wrong,” he said to Fernando’s ex, who had already appeared without an alliance a few days ago.

Anitta ‘promised a fight’ with Maiara if she was a singer back to Fernando

Later, in a restaurant in Miami, Anitta said that she would have a fight with the sertaneja if she reestablishes her relationship with the musician, with whom she dated in 2019. “I’m here talking and I found out what my next fight in the market will be. be with Maiara. If I see any news saying ‘Maiara comes back’, ‘Maiara ends’, ‘Maiara comes back’, we fight, I don’t talk to her anymore. So that’s it, she’ll choose now”, he said.

And the interpreter of “Sorte Que Cê Beija Bem” still keeping the mood in a good mood, he added. “And I say more: ‘we’re loose’ in Miami and the jiripoca will chirp with this one or I’m not called Larissa de Macedo Machado,” said Anitta, citing her baptismal name. Check out the video!