Maicon wins crowd reception after termination and cries: “Grêmio will stay in my story” | Guild

With a party for the Grêmio fans, Maicon landed in Porto Alegre this Monday morning at the Salgado Filho Airport, after a period in Rio de Janeiro. The reception moved the steering wheel, who came to cry in the midst of a demonstration in the local. The arrival takes place a week after the player terminates his contract with Grêmio.

Maicon crossed the arrivals hall at around 11 am and it took him more than 10 minutes to reach the vehicle. There was an agglomeration of fans and Grêmio fans welcomed the now former Grêmio player with support songs and hugs.

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The steering wheel stopped and waved to those in the lobby, thanking them for their reception. Meanwhile, many were shouting thanks to the former captain.

— On the field I tried to be them, I apologize for having made mistakes at times, but without a doubt the Grêmio will stay in my heart forever, this crowd. Thank you very much for everything, I just have to thank me and my family. It is very gratifying to be received this way. It wasn’t the way out I wanted, the way it was, but it felt good. I’ve been going through some difficulties, I’ve been infiltrating in order to play. In this last year of contract, not helping in the way you would like, I think it’s a time to take a break, in common agreement with the board, with the president, my manager, I think it was time to take a break, recover and think if I’ll play again next year. But Grêmio will remain in my history, it was the best moment of my career, where I won the most titles, and that is priceless,” said the steering wheel.

Maicon thanks Grêmio fans at reception — Photo: Lucas Bubols

The defensive midfielder will go to CT Luiz Carvalho this Tuesday to settle the last details of his departure from Grêmio and say goodbye to his teammates. By the way, mentioning this contact with former colleagues was the moment that touched Maicon at the airport. He also asked Grêmio for support to leave the relegation zone.

It’s gratitude. I’m going to the club tomorrow (Tuesday) to say goodbye to my teammates (crying). A lot of people texting me, thanking me, I just have to say thanks, what I can ask for is support from my teammates, this second round is going to be different and we’re going to get out of this one.

— Maicon

In another moment of the demonstration, Maicon also reiterated his desire to become a coach and return to Grêmio in the future, as he had already said in an exclusive interview with GE. The defensive midfielder even mentioned coach Renato Portaluppi, who led him between 2016 and 2020 at the club, as an example to make history as an athlete and coach.

— That I can go back and do as Renato did, made history as a player and train. It makes me happy to see a child, old gentlemen, recognizing what I did for the club. It will be forever marked in my life and in my family, my friends. Thank everyone at the club, president, Felipão, I arrived with him and now I left, thank Renato for the partnership in all these years, with titles and a lot of joy – said Maicon.

Maicon is welcomed with a party in Porto Alegre — Photo: Lucas Bubols

In Porto Alegre, after a period with his family in Rio de Janeiro, Maicon should give a press conference this week. The player adjusts the details with his staff to decide the date and time of the demonstration.

Maicon left the club after six and a half years. The Grêmio captain and midfielder was a character in the conquests of the 2016 Copa do Brasil and the 2017 Libertadores, in addition to the Recopa Sudamericana and four Gauchões.