Mari Gonzalez and Jonas Schulzabach on OnlyFans? Fan asks couple to film sex and play it on the net

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Mari Gonzalez she was surprised by an unusual request from a follower. Last Saturday (4), the ex-BBB posted a screenshot of an internet user asking the ex-BBB and her boyfriend Jonas Sulzbach make an account on OnlyFans so they could post the couple’s sex.

The follower also said that he would sign easy if that happened. Mari Gonzalez and Jonas Sulzbach have been together for almost 6 years and are well known for statements about the model’s intimate parts and influencer. For this reason, some think about the possibility of the couple opening a profile on the adult content social network.

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Some netizens agreed with the impolite ex-BBB follower and also said that they would sign if they open a profile on OnlyFans: “I don’t deny or confirm if I would sign”, “They’re missing out on earning more money, this couple is everything”, “I would give this couple my nice money”, “I think they would be very millionaires”, were some comments from internet users.

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Mari Gonzalez visits Bianca Andrade and Cris

Bianca Andrade, recently, received a visit from Mari Gonzalez who melted for the little one-month-old Cris. The two started their friendship still at BBB 20 and since then they haven’t been apart anymore. “I’m in love with Cris, I don’t feel like leaving anymore (look at that little foot)”, wrote the businesswoman and influencer in the publication’s caption.

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