Mc Poze appears alongside model at party

A few days after announcing that he was separated from Vivianne Noronha, pregnant with their third child, MC Poze was seen posing next to a model at a birthday party.

In the model’s stories, in addition to appearing beside her, Pose is also seen singing with two other people.

the end

Soon after announcing that they are expecting their third child, MC Poze and his girlfriend, Vivianne Noronha, ended their relationship.

The information was confirmed by the funkeiro through Stories on Instagram.

Story by MC Poze - Replay/Instagram - Replay/Instagram

Story by MC Poze

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“Boy, just dropping by to say that Vivianne and I aren’t together anymore! You don’t keep bugging me with messages telling me what I have to do or not to do. [Na] My personal son of a bitch can’t beat any of them!” wrote Poze.

“It’s okay between the two of us, we’ve already talked and resolved each other, but we’ve decided to go his own way. people stop texting him and Vivianne.

“It’s our personal life. I wish her all the best and the best, that she be very happy,” he added.

Pregnancy was one of the most talked about issues

Poze and Vivianne are already the parents of Júlia, 2 years old, and Miguel, 8 months old. The new pregnancy drew attention due to the age of the now ex-couple: the funkeiro is 20 years old and Vivianne, 17.

The MC got annoyed with some “negative” comments on Twitter — which prompted him to deactivate the account on the social network. The influencer also regretted the attacks received and asked for empathy.