Menon: Arrascaeta and Moreno bring bad news to Flamengo and Cruzeiro – 05/09/2021

Uruguay 4 x 2 Bolivia. An expected and surprise victory, if there was, were the Bolivian goals. Historically, yes, but Marcelo Martins Moreno’s moment is sensational. With the two goals scored, it reached eight. It’s the top scorer.

The first came with opportunism and speed, taking a brick from Vecino to Godin. Goalkeeper Muslera helped. And 9 seconds was a highly controversial penalty.

Moreno is 34 years old and has been in the national team for seven. He reached 27 goals and established himself as a historic top scorer.

The bad news? It will continue to be called and defrauding the Cruzeiro.

The same goes for Arrascaeta. He, who is 27, made his debut in 2014. He played in the Copa America the following year. It has always been considered, since the Defender, as a great revelation. It is no coincidence that he inherited the 10 from Diego Forlán.

But expectations were rigged. He had chances as a starter and didn’t settle down, even in the Russian Cup.

And now, at a crucial moment, when Uruguay lost Cavani and Suarez, he has taken over the team. He scored the equalizer against Peru. He scored the opening goal against Bolivia. And the fourth, defining the game.

Three goals in two games. There were three in the first thirty.

It seems that he has taken up his task, forming the trident with Suarez and Cavani. And then be the driver of the new generation, with Martinez, Brian Rodriguez and whoever else comes along.