Ministry of Health supports Anvisa’s decision – 05/09/2021

In a note issued this Sunday night, the Ministry of Health signaled support for the decision of Anvisa, with regard to the match between Brazil and Argentina.

“The Ministry of Health informs that it supports and recognizes the recommendations of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), the health authority responsible for the country’s health surveillance actions”, he declared.

This weekend, Minister Marcelo Queiroga is in Rome, where he participates in G-20 meetings and bilateral meetings with the WHO.

According to another official note, the minister used the meeting in Italy to talk about the “success of the immunization campaign against Covid-19 and attributed the good results to the awareness that the Ministry of Health has been raising about the importance of protection; the high capillarity of the system, with more than 37 thousand vaccination rooms; and the wide acceptance of Brazilians to the vaccine that protects against the coronavirus, above 90% ».

“To date, more than 134.1 million Brazilians have already received the first dose of vaccine against Covid-19, which represents more than 80% of the vaccinated population, estimated at 160 million Brazilians. In all, Brazil has already applied more than 200 million doses, and distributed more than 253 million doses, of which more than 141 million were produced in the national territory”, said Queiroga.

He also indicated that the government “invested in a diversified strategy for the acquisition of vaccines against Covid-19, including the technology transfer agreement between the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), linked to the Ministry of Health; acquisitions made via direct negotiation with Pfizer and Janssen laboratories; and the order of approximately 100 million doses from the Instituto Butantan ».

The information contradicts some of the debates held at the CPI on the Pandemic, with doubts about the government’s role in obtaining enough vaccines.

In the note, the government also indicated that “Brazil joined the Covax Facility mechanism, of the World Health Organization (WHO) to cover 10% of its population”. But the note does not mention the fact that Brazil could have chosen for buying at least twice as many vaccines.