Monica Iozzi recalls abusive relationship and slap in the face: ‘I was physically assaulted’ | Pleasure, Renata

The actress and presenter Monica Iozzi told in the podcast ‘Prazer, Renata’ that she was beaten with a slap in the face during a abusive relationship who lived in his youth. She said she suffered all kinds of psychological terror and that it took a long time to realize the abuses committed by one of her first boyfriends. Monica participated in the episode about misogyny beside the journalist Patricia Campos Mello and of the communicator and futurologist Clara Fagundes.

I only started thinking about getting out and asking for help when I was physically attacked. Until I was attacked, I thought that was a proof of love”

— Monica Iozzi, actress and presenter

“I only started to call when he actually put his hand in my face. There I realized that the hole was lower, and I think that’s what a lot of women suffer, especially when you’re young, or when you have kids with that person, or when you have a financial dependency,” he told Monica Iozzi.

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‘Prazer, Renata’ brings together Monica Iozzi, Clara Fagundes and Patrícia Campos Mello — Photo: Globo

In addition to the physical aggression, Monica reported the psychological abuse who lived in that relationship.

“I was very young, it was one of my first dates and I covered all the chapters of the book of an abusive relationship there. From the beginning, from the person pushing you away from your friends, questioning the clothes you wear, assaulting you verbally, blackmailing you , saying you can’t get anyone better than him, trying to put you down. That’s a very common thing in abusive relationships. The person wants you to feel worse than you are, they want to put you really in a position of humiliation to you feel dependent on her. It’s a psychological kidnapping. I felt kidnapped by that relationship. And aggression all the time, crazy jealousy all the time,” she said.

Monica also highlighted the importance of educating boys so that they no longer commit harassment or abuse.

We suffer harassment all our lives. I don’t know any woman who has never been harassed”

— Monica Iozzi, actress and presenter

“We only started talking about it more recently. I also found out more than two years after I had had an abusive relationship. At the time, she didn’t seem abusive to me. It’s been many years, but it’s very important for us talk to our girls and our boys about this, because it’s no use teaching the girl to put herself and protect herself and not teach the boy that it’s wrong to harass, to attack,” he said.

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