Moraes registers BO for insults heard by security in Pinheiros

Minister Alexandre de Moraes filed a police report against people who called him names inside the Pinheiros club, in São Paulo, in the early hours of Thursday to Friday, 3. He was not there, but his security guards heard the offenses, called the police and made the registration.

(Image: Nelson Jr./SCO/STF)

Minister Alexandre de Moraes registers BO for offenses in Pinheiros.(Image: Nelson Jr./SCO/STF)

The minister is a member and frequenter of the club. According to the police report registered at the 14th Police District of São Paulo, the minister’s security guard was warned about drunk individuals inside the club threatening and insulting Alexandre de Moraes. He then went to the scene and confirmed what had happened from the sidewalk.

He even asked the club’s security guards to ask the men to stop their offenses, but the acts were repeated. Sayings such as “bald thief”, “PCC lawyer”, “bald son of a bitch” and “let’s close the STF” were heard. Security then called the police. The accused was taken to the police station, where the police report was registered.

He reportedly said that he went to the club to watch a football game and that there were several people insulting the victim, but that he does not know the qualifications of these people. Asked about insults and threats, he denied it.