Nadja is eliminated by rivals and causes a general fight before going into exile

Island Record
Nadja Pessoa goes to Exile in an unprecedented dynamic on Ilha Record and shoots against rivals (Image: Playback / PlayPlus)

O Island Record is an original format of the broadcaster, so the public and especially the participants can expect everything from the reality show. Nadja person she was the most recent explorer sent to exile, in an unprecedented dynamic that surprised the villagers.

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The Guardian asked the exiles to decide which person would be cut out of the contest for the grand final. Thomaz Costa and Antonela Avellaneda wanted to eliminate Dinei, but they did not form a majority with the others who named the former participant of A Fazenda.

Claudinho Mattos argued that it was not up to them to judge whether the player — who has his arm and knee bandaged — could continue or not in the game. The actor wanted to get his friend, Nadja, but Lucas Selfie put himself on this mission to bring the bombshell to his foe.

Before that, Any Borges decided to question D’Black’s ex-wife’s last speech, with unexpected praise for Mirella, and was very clear in saying that she was going to make it real. The new exile called the competitor a cookie and also ended up irritating Valesca Popozuda.

The former member of Panico joked when he said he wanted to bring Nadja Pessoa closer and informed that Pyong Lee and Laura Keller were immune, as they were the pair with the most pieces of the map.

The famous was disgusted with the news: “Being eliminated like that by losers made me indignant”. To Pyong Lee, she added: “Ready for whatever comes, I came here for this. the weather was bad”. The celebration in the village was almost unanimous with this exit.

That’s when Nadja fired at Valesca, Laura and Any: “The other one came in, this one too. Here there are only snakes. False, false and false. Nobody is anybody’s friend here. Everybody talks about everybody here. Dinei pretends to be poor”. The funkeira returned: “It’s late”.

The exile, before going up to the cave, gave the message: “I won’t be around people I don’t like. It even puts me to sleep on the floor, but I won’t let down my guard for anyone. Nobody puts their finger in my face, because I don’t take shit”.

Nadja Pessoa thanked Pyong’s partnership in the game and set off the new dynamic: “Thank you Ilha, thank you to my partners with whom I made an alliance. I’m leaving wronged for not having the pleasure of stepping into the arena and fighting to stay, because of a mimicking vote. When we get close to smart people, we grow”.

Finally, Valesca Popozuda returned the stings with a sincere opinion: “On the contrary, you were around smart people and you were dumb all the time. Your alliance is taking you away. lost, babe”.

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